Small rebound of national waste in traditional off-season papermaking market or weak operation


Small rebound of national waste in traditional off-season papermaking market or weak operation

Since mid-June,the market of waste yellow board has been in a narrow fluctuation trend.The market seems to have no momentum of sharp rise and fall at a time,more like a cautious adjustment,this situation of not rising but not falling makes people feel depressed.

Some peer friends said that the recent market for waste paper has been cloudy and sunny,when the market bearish mood is serious,the market did not fall in bearish mood.It's incredible,but maybe it's not a bad thing.

After the diving price in May,the market in June has not changed surprisingly yet.

Take Nine Dragons as an example:

Tianjin,Hebei and Shenyang have increased by 100%since June.

Jiulong in Dongguan has increased 120%since June

Nine Dragons in Quanzhou have increased by 80%since June.

Taicang Jiulong has increased 120%since June.

Nine Dragons in Chongqing has increased by 100%since June

Leshan Qiulong has increased by 100%since June.

At present,the average price of yellow paperboard in the market is still hovering around 2000,although there is a slight rebound,but because the price of waste paper in the early stage has been hit hard,and then back to the previous high,it seems that it is also more laborious at present.

Judging from the raw material environment of the market,according to relevant statistical data,the stock of wood pulp in domestic ports is still at a high level,the stock of de-stocking is not obvious,and the stock of base paper is also at a high level.The price of pulp,which is also the raw material of papermaking,has been continuously lowering.The spot pulp has been lowering and the futures pulp has been exploring.It can be seen that the whole industry is still in a weak position.From the historical price point of view,although there is little possibility of a sustained substantial reduction,the price of waste paper will also show weakness.

Xiaobian felt that pulp and waste paper,which were used as raw materials for paper making in the later period,would be stable at the bottom of the pulp,and waste paper would still show a slight rebound.

In the peak season,paper prices are expected to rise slightly,but after the traditional peak season,the following waste paper prices may also be affected by the arrival of paper mills,but Xiaobian felt that if there were price cuts in the future,there would be no more bleak market as in May.

But at present,the main domestic leading enterprises accelerate the overseas distribution,which can reduce a lot of costs in terms of raw materials,labor and so on,which also brings a great impact on the domestic waste paper market.In addition,in recent days,APP,Shandong Chenming,Bohui Paper Industry and Sun Paper Industry have raised the price of cultural paper and white cardboard by 100 yuan/ton,which will inevitably affect the sales of finished paper,thereby affecting the price increase of waste paper.

Throughout all aspects of factors,it is expected that the overall market will remain in a weak position for a long time.The off-season of July is coming soon.Your colleagues are still calm and ready for this protracted war.

Attached is the quotation of 25 June for waste paper:

On June 25,Jinsheng Paper Co., Foshan,Guangdong,raised the price of waste paper by 30 yuan.

No ticket to factory price after adjustment

The first class is 2080 yuan/ton.

Level 2 2030 yuan/ton.

Level 3:Suspension of acquisition.

All suppliers are requested to strictly control the quality standards and eliminate the mixing of water and other matters,such as double deduction and penalty if the above phenomena are found.

Jintian Paper Industry,Dongguan,Guangdong Province,June 25

Domestic paper A class 1870 yuan ton purchase;

The purchasing price of domestic paper and leather goods is 1830 yuan per ton.

Purchase of domestic paper and leather goods B class 1800 yuan/ton;

Pit card A level 1770 yuan/ton acquisition;Pit card B level 1740 yuan/ton acquisition;

Pure pit cards and thin ash 1860 yuan/ton in the factory package;1930 yuan/ton in size;

First-class office paper and newspaper 2080 yuan,

Book paper(trimmed to cover)2080 yuan/ton.

(Note:Provincial waste paper suppliers can enjoy 40 yuan/ton freight subsidy on the basis of the high-speed certificate on that day)

On June 25,Shuyang Shangshan Paper Industry,Suqian,Jiangsu Province,raised the price of waste paper by 40 yuan.

Execute no ticket to factory price:

A class 1900 yuan/ton,

B class 1820 yuan/ton,

The purchase price of Class C is 1740 yuan/ton.

D class 1660 yuan/ton.

On June 25,Huisheng Paper Industry in Dezhou Plain,Shandong Province,raised the price of waste paper by 30 yuan.

The execution price is as follows:

Level A is 2000 yuan/ton.

Level B is 1820 yuan per ton.

Since June 25,the price of waste paper in Shouguang Hongyuan Paper Industry in Shandong Province has risen by 50 yuan.

Cash to factory price after adjustment:

The price of more than 80%yellow plate is 1800 yuan/ton.

The price of 70%yellow plate is 1700 yuan per ton.

Yellow plate content 50%-60%price is 1600 yuan per ton.

June 25,Shandong Zaozhuang Fengyuan Zhongke(Tongda Electric Power)Paper Industry,waste paper prices increased by 30 yuan,Jianiu unchanged

Waste paper prices were adjusted to:

Mainland beetle 2330 yuan/ton,

Secondary cattle(single-sided kraft paper)2 230 yuan,

A class 1850 yuan/ton,A1 class 1790 yuan/ton,

B class 1690 yuan/ton,C class 1530 yuan/ton.

Overseas beetle 2360 yuan/ton,

Secondary cattle(single-sided kraft paper)2 260 yuan/ton,

A class 1860 yuan/ton,A1 class 1800 yuan/ton,

B class 1700 yuan/ton,C class 1540 yuan/ton.

Remarks:Suppliers must control the delivery quality.If garbage and wet goods are found to be heavier,paper containing prohibited substances that seriously affect the quality will be fined.The rejection rate of grade C yellow board is less than 25%.



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